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What are Spiral Fairy Tales?

Who didn't grow up loving fairy tales and the experiences they exposed us to? Pinocchio taught us how to be courageous in the belly of the fearsome whale. The Emperor and his new clothes showed us why the ones in power are not always right. Hansel and Gretel demonstrated why things that seem too good to be true can often lead us into great trouble. 

These special stories have been handed down to guide us through generations of story tellers. Some created the fables while others transcribed them to memory and kept them alive. But they have continued to evolve and we continue to find new lessons to learn from the wisdom contained within. 

Spiral Fairy Tales are my attempt to write and illustrate the stories that come to me from that divine spark of inspiration. They are filled with symbols and sign posts meant to guide readers through their own extraordinary journey through life...The good and the bad. If I can offer anything that I have learned from the perils I have navigated my way through it would be these books. 

The spiral signifies the journey inward to one's own truth. No one can ever show you who you are but, through the stories that you love, you can learn who you WANT to be. And is there anything more magical than that?

Who is Ariadne AppleTree?

I am the writer and illustrator of these books. There is nothing that brings me greater joy than when I am creating a book. Each book is an opportunity to distill something important that I have learned through my own experience into a fun and endearing book that the whole family can enjoy. I don't just create for kids...I create for the adults who read to them too. 

From my heart to yours...I hope you enjoy the stories that continue to spark life into my soul :)

Check out how I make the illustrations on YouTube!

Here is a time lapse of me painting my avatar